Welcome to my new site!

This is the place where you can find out about my latest writing projects and read some of my writing (for free). I hope this will become an interesting collection for you.

Enjoy! 🙂


So long 2018!

What a fantastic year of writing!

I have been very productive from the beginning to the end. The result is nothing but satisfying. I realize that everything that I wrote this year mostly are the outcomes not only from my mind but also from my heart.

Taking the last steps towards the end of 2018 – the year filled with roller-coaster journey of writing, learning and going through emotional challenges – I evolve. Good and bad, high and low, I will keep evolving not only as a writer but also a human being.

Looking forward to whatever 2019 will bring – sunshine and storm – I will take it all!


25 Words Short Story Competition

Just browsed my old notes and found these 25 words short stories I put in the competition a while ago.

Proud of my attempts though I didn’t win 🙂

1st attempt

The sound of the violin his wife played brought him home.
A little victory he earned before he closed his eyes in Gallipoli 1916.

2nd attempt

Quiet. Cold. Death claimed victory. His frozen fingers would not let the violin go, his best friend. Together they sank deep into the Atlantic.


Love Kills 2017 @ Melbourne Fringe Festival

As one of the monologue writers, I’m happy to announce my latest writing project and play script debut in ‘Love Kills 2017’ as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

‘Love Kills 2017’ is a monologue series of funny, truthful, confronting and provocative tales of love – written by a group of passionate writers, performed by fantastic performers and directed by the brilliant director, Noel Anderson.

Noel will also be performing the piece he wrote ‘Confide in Me’.

My piece is called ‘Intoxicated’ and will be performed on stage by the stunning actor, Graham Murray.

My fellow passionate writers are:

 Kieran Carroll, Tracie Lark, Melissa Collins,

Rosalind Lewis, Geoff Stuart, Marion Roberts,

Lourdes Zamanillo, Ursula Teresa Kolecki

And the fantastic performers:

Rosalind Lewis, Lourdes Zamanillo, Geoff Stuart,

Graham Murray, Caroline Ferguson, Carissa McAllen,

Stephanie Osztreicher

Love Kills at Melbourne Fringe

For any details: